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Conference Services

Let us plan and arrange your special occasion… freeing you to focus on the more important elements.

Our friendly, professional team will be there for you from the earliest planning stages right up to the very end of the event.

We Begin by Providing the Best Support for Your Event Including:



·         University Halls

·         Historical Sights

·         Sports Facilities

Printing Services

  • Invitations
  • Name Badges
  • Registration Packets
  • Event Agenda and Programs
  • Handouts and Announcements
  • Banners and Signs
  • Awards

Registration Table

  • Registration Staff
  • All Printouts

Technical Equipment

  • Stage, Podium, Microphones, Amplifiers
  • Computer and Audiovisual Equipment
  • Translation Equipment
  • Decorations and Flowers
  • Furniture and Accessories Staging, Setup and Cleanup

Refreshments, Drinks and Meals

  • Food and Beverages

Special You Need Coffee® Cart




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