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Exploring the Holy Land and the Middle East
A life Changing Experience

Our mission is to provide you meaningful and joyful experiences during your visit to the Holy Land. We provide you a tour that will meet your special need.

Our interfaith program includes touring historical and contemporary sites, interwoven with meeting local leaders and experts on topics such as history, religion, politics, civil society and more. You will also get to know firsthand the diverse traditions of Jews, Moslems, Christians and Druze.

Many believers can find profound spiritual experience meeting Jesus, walking his course in his homeland, exploring his teachings and heart through the words of the bible that become vivid on the sights of the Christ`s ministry.

For first timers, this fact finding tour is an eye opener. You have heard so much before, read the holy books and watched reports on TV, but real life experience is unforgettable. For returning visitors it will be a chance to deepen your insights, explore new aspects and enjoy places and people you love.

In addition, you will have an opportunity to contribute directly to peace making by becoming an Ambassador of Peace. Thus, your visit will truly be beneficial to this conflict ridden land, bringing greater understanding, reconciliation and prosperity.

Finally, our dedicated UNI-SARA staff will provide you with first class care, professionalism and sensitivity to your needs. Our programs can be tailor-made according to your group’s special needs and interests.







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