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Exploring the Boarders of Israel - 8 days tour

Exploring the Boarders of Israel - 8 days tour


Day 1: Arrival

Arrivals to Ben Gurion international airport in Tel Aviv, check in hotel in Tel Aviv.

Day 2: the Border with Gaza Strip – South West

Travel to the Gaza Boarder, visit the cities Ashkelon and Ashdod, Visit the unique Air Force Museum in Hatserim army base, go to Kibbutz “Nahal Oz” which is located right next to the border with Gaza and meet with the residents, to understand how to live under the threat of missiles that are shoot from Gaza to Israel, and still have the hope for peace (2014).

Day 3: the Boarder with Egypt - South

Going South through the border with Egypt to Eilat- understanding the Yom Kippur War story (1973)

Day 4: the Boarder with Jordan - East
From Eilat- View on Akaba - where Israel and Jordan signed the peace treaty, travel along the Jordanian Boarder to the Sea of Galilee and learning the cooperation between Israel and Jordan through the years. On the way visit the ancient fortification Masada and learning about the last fight of the Zealots, travel to the city of Jericho, travel to the North.

Day 5: the Border with Syria and Lebanon - North

Visiting Safed- Ziv Hospital where Israeli doctors treat Syrian wounded, The Golan Heights, going through the Boarder with Syria and Lebanon, lecture on the Six Days War and the Lebanon war, Aloney Habashan, Vista point on Syria, Perez's Mount, watching at Cunetra, The “Bacha Vally”, The Syrian Officers, visit Rosh Hanikra border passageway with Lebanon.

Day 6: the Boarder with the West Bank

Going to Jerusalem around the West Bank to learn about “The Intifada” (1996 and 2000), visit “Yad Lashrion” Armored Force's Museum, “Bab Al Wad” - the way to the besieged Jerusalem at the time of Independence War (1948), learning the Independence War story.

Day 7: Jerusalem
Visit the Lion Gate and learn about the '67's War. entering to the old city of Jerusalem, walking in the Old City of Jerusalem, visit Temple Mount, the Kidron Valley, and learn about the Environmental cooperation between Israel and Palestine.

Day 8: Hebron

Visit the city of Hebron and meeting with local Arab residents in the C area and with Jews from Hebron.

Evening Event: Reflection on the tour.

Day 9: Departure
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