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Ecological tour

Ecological tour

We specialize in Green and Accessible Pilgrimage Tours

Green: Protecting the created world - Promotion of a clean sustainable environment, comprehensive waste collection, treatment and recycling, water conservation, renewable and efficient

energy and preservation of indigenous flora and fauna

Accessible: Open, convenient and affordable access to heritage and
pilgrimage sites for all people and faiths without discrimination; removal of
barriers or impediments to the movement of people that is key to the concept of
pilgrimage; transportation and infrastructure to assure availability to all ages and
physical conditions.

Pilgrimage: A spiritual journey that ensures freedom of movement and the
crossing of boundaries for all travelers to sacred places and heritage sites; the
sustainable preservation of a city’s heritage, architecture, artistic and social
diversity, and the spirit of a welcoming community and sense of belonging for all,
as a pilgrimage site has universal heritage value.

Openness: Share and welcome all faiths, cultures and people residing in and
visiting your city with utmost respect; have confidence in your own identity so as
to embrace others; share and receive in the spirit of equality and equity,
attentively, inquisitively and inclusively; rejoice in the enhancement of knowledge
for oneself and others, while respecting and assuring the freedom of movement for
all people.

Understanding: Accept diversity and embrace the unfamiliar; deepen one’s
knowledge of the diverse cultures, faiths and journeys that give a city its unique
identity and heritage; break down barriers through shared learning, because
understanding helps to end conflict.

Respect and Responsibility: With humility and mutual understanding, embrace
openness and tolerance; accept and preserve rights of heritage and historical
landscapes; value nature, culture, all faiths and races; recognize perceived fears
as legitimate concerns in the context of complex challenges; actively foster
dialogue to address these issues.
We pay “carbon footprint”

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We cooperate with Green Pilgrim Jerusalem 
Link to The Green Map of Jerusalem 
information about: Carbon Oppset Sund

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